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You always wanted to be a product tester and test out great products? Simply register here, completely free of charge. Whether male or female, young or old – on our platform everyone can become a product tester. After you have registered as a tester, you can start right away! As a product tester you enjoy a lot of advantages!

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The products on our platform are from all kind of product categories, so there is something for everyone. Cosmetics, clothing, accessories, electrical appliances, garden tools, sporting goods, tools, everyone will find something here. The great thing about our platform: Some products can be tested even before they are officially launched and available on the specific marketplace. Your product assessment provides sellers with valuable feedback on quality, packaging, colour, etc. before the sales launch. Therefore: Become a product tester now – it’s worth it!


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How Do I Become a Product Tester?

If you want to become a product tester on AmzStars, you only need a verified account on the marketplace. Additionally it is important for us that our product testers are reliable. The feedback they provide can help sellers significantly. It is important to give honest feedback at all times. So if a product doesn’t meet your expectations (be it quality, packaging or anything else), you can mention it in your feedback so that the seller knows what he needs to improve.

Step 1: Choose Product

Our product tester platform regularly offers new products! You can apply for as many products as you like.

Step 2: Apply for Product

As soon as your application is accepted by the seller, you will receive a coupon code, which you can redeem easily in the shopping cart. The complete ordering process is done via the marketplace, it is the same as usual.

Step 3: Test the Product

Become a product tester on AmzStars – and test products from the comfort of your own home! As soon as the product arrives at your place, you can try it out, test it and form an opinion about it.

Step 4: Give Feedback

After the test phase you can give your feedback directly to the seller and then write a review of the product on the respective platform to help other customers.

Step 5: Keep the Product

After testing the product and giving feedback to the seller you can keep the tested product or give it to friends, family, acquaintances.

Why AmzStars is the Best Choice

On AmzStars the focus is on the tester. We strive to always offer our product testers interesting deals, appealing products and hip brands on our platform to ensure diverse testing experiences. Unlike other tester platforms, our product testers have the unique opportunity to express their wishes regarding future deals which sellers can use as a guide. In addition, we check the deals and limit or prohibit inferior items, such as “cheap” mobile phone cases etc.

What Are You Waiting For?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Simply register for free here and get started.

To become a product tester on AmzStars, you need a verified marketplace and/or social media account as well as good English skills. Moreover you should enjoy testing out innovative products. It is also important to us (and to the sellers) that our product testers evaluate reliably and in detail.

After you have tested a product extensively, you must provide the seller with feedback on the respective platform to help him with the experience you gained.

We use an algorithm that determines your tester quality and shows the sellers how reliable you are on our platform. This allows sellers to exclude product testers with a poor tester status from their deals. If you receive a product for testing but don’t give feedback, your tester status will drop significantly and your chance for future deal approvals will be low.

You can find products from all categories possible. You will find well-known brands as well as new brands on our platform. From lipstick to gas barbecue – you can find everything.

You can apply for as many campaigns as you like – some campaigns will automatically unlock you, others will be reviewed manually by the sellers. Please keep in mind that received codes should be redeemed. Thus, only apply for products you are clearly interested in.

Sellers can either assign their products manually or through an automatic process. Your tester status is important here, because sellers offer their products at a discounted price with the intention of obtaining meaningful evaluations. Learn more about tester status and tester rank further below in the FAQs.

There can be various reasons. Either the campaign is full (all available codes have been assigned) or the seller has rejected your application. The higher your tester status, the better your chances of getting the deal. Please understand that our sellers can only issue a limited number of coupon codes.

If a campaign is new, then this is quite normal. Some campaigns have a running time of several months, thus it makes no sense for the sellers to assign all coupon codes on one day. If, for example, only 30 or 50 codes are available and they are distributed evenly over the next few days or weeks, the chances of getting a code is low. If you want to increase your chance, you have to work on your tester status.


Our algorithm calculates your tester status using two factors, among others. On the one hand with the average of the star ratings you received from sellers for your product ratings (helpful or not helpful) on the other hand with the average of the star ratings you gave for tested products within and outside the platform. The more helpful your reviews are for the seller and for potential new customers, the better will be the rating you receive from the seller. Sellers can assign 0 (= not helpful at all) to 5 stars (= very helpful) for your reviews. In addition, your reviews can also be commented by the sellers. This provides you with valuable feedback to improve the quality of your reviews.

AmzStars Tip: Ratings that include pictures and videos are considered to be especially helpful.

Premium Product Testers

Sellers have the opportunity to tailor their campaigns to the best product testers. As a premium product tester you get the most deal approvals for the most interesting products. To become a premium product tester, your tester rating must be 4.5 stars or better.

Point Score

Sellers also consider testers’ point scores in their tester selection process. Deal approvals, submitted reviews as well as helpful product reviews which were rated with 4 to 5 stars by the sellers are rewarded with points and influence the platform internal rank of the product testers.

Your Tester Activities

The following activities can endanger your tester status:

  • You do not meet the conditions that were communicated in advance of the campaign and that you agreed to with your application.
  • You apply for a product but do not redeem the coupon code afterwards or only much later.
  • You do not deposit the order ID
  • You did not write a helpful review
  • You don’t reply to the seller’s messages
  • You have left a negative rating or made a return without prior communication with the seller

AmzStars Tip: Complete your personal data in the settings (gearwheels top right) to see and access all kind of campaigns and to increase your chances of getting the deal.

If a lot of good product testers apply for a popular campaign, then the platform internal rank of the tester can make the difference for the deal approval. To increase the rank in the Hall of Fame, testers need to earn points through deal approvals, reviews and the following:

  • Order ID deposit: + 5 pts.
  • Received seller rating – 5 stars : +15 pts.
  • Received seller rating – 4 stars : + 5pts.

Points are deducted for the following:

  • Received seller rating – 3 stars : – 5pts.
  • Received seller rating – 1 to 2 stars : – 20pts.

Sellers can also write a comment for your reviews. Use the feedback and improve your next review

Add products individually to the shopping cart. Enter the coupon code in the checkout process and make sure that there are no spaces left before and after the code. Click on apply and your invoice amount should be adjusted accordingly!

If your coupon code is not redeemable, please contact the respective seller and tell them which error message you get when you try to redeem the coupon. The seller can provide you with a new one.

We are only providers of the platform, we cannot assist you with questions and problems regarding a product, code or campaign.

If the seller changes the price and you do not want to accept the product at the new price point, you are of course not obliged. You can notify the seller via chat and the code can be assigned elsewhere or you can receive a new code.

In this case, simply contact the marketplace directly – as a rule, neither the seller (except seller shipping), nor we have any influence here. If the product was shipped by the seller, you can also contact him.

You can unsubscribe from AmzStars through your account settings.

Yes. You need to read the conditions of participation set by the seller in the campaign before submitting your application. You can only apply for the campaign if you can and want to meet the conditions the seller set.

Please read the conditions of participation carefully to avoid misunderstandings between you and the seller.

To participate in most refund campaigns, you need to provide your PayPal information. Submitting this information significantly increases the chances that your application will be accepted by the seller.

Please read the conditions the seller has set for this kind of campaign before applying to avoid misunderstandings later on, e.g. regarding the repayment. In cashback campaigns, the seller decides how and when the repayment for the product test will be made (immediately after purchase, before purchase, after submitting a rating on a portal etc.). If you do not agree with the terms of the campaign, please do not apply for it.

In so-called anonymous or hidden campaigns, the seller does not have to provide the link to the product or even the product image. Only the type of product and the conditions of participation will be communicated in advance. Please only apply for the campaign if you are sure that you will buy and keep the product afterwards.

If you want to participate in a live product tester campaign to help the seller with your know-how, ideas, improvement tips etc., make sure to read his conditions carefully before applying. Possibly certain qualifications etc. are required and a prerequisite for participation. Thus, you can avoid misunderstandings later on.

It is very important for us that our sellers are satisfied with our platform. Therefore sellers can rate your product tester performance. If you are not reliable (e.g. apply for offers but do not redeem the received code at all or only much later, do not write helpful reviews, etc.) the probability is high that the seller will rate you negatively.

After two repeated negative reviews of your product tester performance by the seller, your membership on this platform is terminated.

Since you have the option to communicate directly with the seller through the chat, we ask you to contact the seller directly if you have any questions, campaign- or product-related problems (e.g. with the coupon code) etc. You can clarify most issues through the chat.

The following activities impact your tester status negatively:

  • You do not meet the campaign conditions that were communicated in advance and to which you agreed with submitting your application.
  • You apply for a product but do not redeem the coupon afterwards or only much later.
  • You do not deposit the Order ID in the respective campaign
  • You did not write a helpful review
  • You don’t answer the seller’s messages
  • You have left a negative rating/review or made a return without prior communication with the seller.

If you are not satisfied with the product you have received, please contact the seller before you rate the product negatively, send it back or make use of return options. Product testers who rate a product negatively or send it back without prior communication with the seller are very likely to be rated negatively and thus jeopardize their tester status or even their membership on the platform.

Malicious ratings or threats to the seller lead directly to the exclusion from the platform.

Our ultimate goal is to satisfy every seller, only that way are we able to provide interesting deals for our product testers. Please act accordingly during communication with the seller and also while evaluating his products. Our goal is to help the seller create even better product listings and sell perfectly optimized products to increase his success on all portals. Malicious ratings harm the seller and his business and are not the purpose of this platform.

The commercial resale of discounted or free products is prohibited. If such a violation is reported to us, the respective tester will be excluded from the platform immediately.

Please contact the seller directly for all campaign-related or product-related questions via the chat option on AmzStars. We neither have insight into nor influence on individual agreements between the seller and the tester. AmzStars is only the provider of the platform.

Please do not apply arbitrarily for products. Please read the product details and the conditions of participation carefully before applying. In some cases, the approval of your application can take several days. Please be sure that you will still be interested in purchasing the product even after a short waiting period. Only apply for products for which this applies. If you have already been approved for the campaign and would like to stop participating for a good reason, please contact the seller via the internal chat. He can then remove you from the participant list.

Our sellers pay money for using AmzStars and therefore understandably only want to work with the most reliable testers to get the most out of the campaigns their business. Experience has shown that many questions arise for the seller following a tester feedback. Since the evaluation of the product page or the product with the possibilities of our platform is limited at the end, the seller can get a considerable added value for his business through the contact option.

The indication of a mobile phone number is a fixed condition for participation in some Live Product Tester Feedback campaigns. In these campaigns the seller intends to provide the best testers with the opportunity to even test the product after evaluating the product page.

AmzStars Tip: Complete your personal data in the settings (gearwheels top right) to see and access all kind of campaigns and to increase your chances of getting the deal.

Order ID refers to the order number of the product you purchased as part of the AmzStars campaign. You can usually find the order number in the shipping/confirmation email after the purchase or directly in your account with your orders.

Enter the order number in your AmzStars account with the corresponding product. With the help of the order ID the seller can assign the purchase to your tester account more easily. Entering the order ID is awarded with +5 points.

In some campaigns you can even rate the seller on the portal where you purchased his product. If you were not satisfied with the seller’s service, then contact the seller via the internal chat before you submit a negative rating. If you do not contact the seller you will endanger your tester status.

In some campaigns you can only participate if you have a PayPal account. You can save your PayPal address in the settings (gearwheels top right) of your tester account. Completed master data increases your chance to participate in exclusive campaigns.

You can irrevocably delete your user account at AmzStars in the settings (gearwheels top right).

Any questions?

Do you still have questions about the procedure or registration? Then contact our friendly support team! We’ll be glad to help you.

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