Reviews are the most important currency on the Internet!

Sales, Ranking & Conversion Boost for Your Success

The next product launch is imminent? An existing product urgently needs to be optimized? You received negative reviews? – With our portfolio of more than 150,000 product testers in Europe and worldwide, we support you not only in raising the profile of your products and services, but also in gaining the lasting trust of your customers.

Why AmzStars?

Safety and trust are our top priorities. We don’t just want to convince you – we want to inspire you! Increase the trust in your products & services efficiently. We will help you. AmzStars offers a number of exclusive features for even more safety and success.


With the AmzStars cashback system we not only guarantee you a high rate of reviews but verified reviews, which are known to create and strengthen customer trust. You can see in advance with what kind of product tester you are dealing with and how active and reliable he or she has been on the platform.


There has been a mistake in the inventory planning and now your seller performance metrics have dropped and your account is at risk? On AmzStars you can generate positive seller feedback to protect your account.


Only on AmzStars: Security and trust are our top priorities. That is why we offer our customers the Anonymous Campaign feature: Only the product testers who have been approved by you can see who you are and which product the campaign is about.

Our Experience for Your Success

After over 50,000 successful campaigns with over 4,000 companies and more than 250,000 ratings generated, we have developed a platform that is perfectly tailored and optimized to the needs of sellers.

You can activate your campaigns yourself and have full overview and control over bids, selection of testers, communication and much more from the very first step.

You can see in advance what kind of product tester you are dealing with. We collect and provide you with all the necessary data about the product tester, such as odds, reliability, average rating by sellers and much more.

You decide the duration of the campaign, the discount amounts, the number of campaign participants, the communication with the testers, the payback models, etc.

What Influence Do Reviews Have on Your Business?

Positive reviews demonstrably increase revenue. We ensure that you receive helpful feedback from independent product testers to optimize your product and improve sales. Listed below are all the advantages positive reviews have on your products:

  • Significant Factor for the Purchase Decision
  • Visibility & CTR Improvement
  • Revenue Increase
  • Conversion Increase
  • Return Rate Decrease
  • Customer Trust Increase
  • Simplified Product Launch

Want to Know Why Customers Click on Your Product Page but Don’t Buy in the End?

Bad reviews without constructive feedback pile up on your listing and you are worried seeing your conversion rate? – Then we have just the right feature for you! Live Product Tester Feedback provides you with independent and helpful feedback on your product pages and products – directly from the end customer’s perspective.

And most importantly, you can get in touch with the testers after feedback has been given and clarify any open questions.

  • A/B Tests for Product Images
  • Image Suggestions for Products (e.g. from competitors)
  • Title Analysis & Assessment
  • Bullet Points Analysis & Assessment
  • Product Description Analysis & Assessment
  • Price Estimation on the Basis of the Market
  • Search Keyword Suggestions
  • Product Feedback
  • Feedback About Product Packaging
  • Overall Assessment of the Product Page and/or the Product
produkt feedback
  • Use our product testers to detect incorrect, misleading or missing information in your listings.
  • Prevent unnecessary returns and A-to-z Guarantee claims that only reduce your margin
  • Put your translated Listing (GER, UK, IT, FR, ES) through its paces by native speakers
  • Receive independent, constructive feedback on your products, packaging, etc.

Questions and Answers about the Live Product Tester Feature

Depending on the package booked, free campaigns per month are already included in the monthly price:

  • Basic: none
  • Professional: 1 campaign with 5 product testers
  • Premium: 1 campaign with 25 product testers
  • Unlimited: 2 campaigns with 50 product testers each

Prices vary depending on the number of testers who will participate in the campaign and provide feedback. The product can be thoroughly tested by 5, 12, 25 or 50 product testers. You can get a detailed list of the prices here.

  1. You book the desired number of live product testers.
  2. Product testers evaluate your product page in terms of images, titles, bullet points and product description and give you individual, helpful feedback from the end customer’s point of view. You can use the feedback to optimize your listings.
  3. Afterwards you have the opportunity to communicate with the product testers and, depending on the package you have booked, make phone calls to collect valuable, independent opinions regarding the listing optimization.
  4. If you also need feedback to optimize your product, you can theoretically even send coupon codes or products to the product testers. Here you also have the possibility to tell the participants where the focus of the feedback should be (packaging, material quality, usability, if the delivered product corresponds to the information on the product page etc.).

If you are about to launch a product, your product might not be in stock, yet. With the Live Product Tester feature, feedback on the listing can be obtained even before the sales launch.

The seller can decide himself whether only the product listings should be analyzed or whether he also wants to collect assessments regarding the physical product. This should then be communicated with the product testers accordingly. If product testers receive the product e.g. free of charge or with a generous discount, more valuable input can logically be expected. Further arrangements with the product tester are also possible here.

This depends on the agreement between the seller and the product tester. In theory, you can also ask the product tester to promote your product on his Instagram account, to write a detailed experience report or something else. Simply use the opportunity to directly communicate with real users and thus make your listing and your product even more attractive.

That depends. Depending on the attractiveness of your product and offer, you will receive many or few product tester applications and then decide which testers you find suitable. Usually product testers who are interested in assessing your product pages and even want to test your product live, have a certain affinity for your product.

You can define your expectations or requirements regarding the product testers while creating your campaign.

No keyword tool in the world can provide you with more valuable feedback than real, potential buyers. In this feature you have the unique opportunity to get feedback from potential buyers regarding search terms or combinations they would use to find your product on the marketplace. You can use these keyword suggestions in your titles, bullet points, backend or in your PPC campaigns.

Theoretically, anything is possible in this feature. The agreements always take place between the seller and the product tester. The more attractive your offer, the more valuable are the individual arrangements.

If you are currently creating your listing or a website and have difficulty selecting the images with the best conversion for your product page, then simply let our product testers assess those images. Thus, you can determine the best cover and application images for your product page.

Sure. If you just had your listing translated, have it thoroughly tested by our native speakers in Germany, Spain, France, Italy and England. With this feature you can make sure that no USPs get lost in translation.

Verified Reviews

No problem with the new AmzStars platform- we’ll show you how!

Anonymous Campaigns

New & unique: only the approved testers see who you are.

Product Tester Contact

Communicate directly with the product testers.

Helpful Reviews

Essential for a good review ratio – we support you in this.

Why AmzStars Is the Best Choice

Experience from over 50,000 campaigns with more than 4000 companies on the most important marketplaces and social platforms

Satisfied Customers
Customers Can′t Be Wrong
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What Are You Waiting For?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The purchase decision for or against a product or service is strongly influenced by verified reviews and the “spiral effect” increases exponentially. Better ratings = better conversion = better rankings = more sales = more recommendations.

Studies have shown that products with positive ratings generally generate 65% more sales – whether on a marketplace, in the shop, on social media or a rating service. Companies or service providers with more positive reviews receive significantly more orders than competitors with none, few or poor reviews.

Quite simple: We calculate the quality of each product tester in terms of speed, reliability, evaluation rate, activity and much more and show the customer which product testers are valuable for the client. The client can then select from the displayed product testers those that exactly match his criteria – no matter for which country, marketplace, social media platform or other.

Yes, AmzStars does not have bots or fake accounts, thus, with the features of our platform, verified reviews can be generated on marketplaces and social media platforms.

On AmzStars only product testers who adhere to the system guidelines receive deal approvals. You can comprehend it with the product tester rankings. It can happen that the odds are not always 100%. However, experience has shown that the average review ratio is well over 70%.

Basically, each client can choose how many coupon codes are to be issued in which period and thus how many reviews are to be created. Changes in the campaign can always be carried out by the client himself. Thus, there is no need to wait for an available support team member.

We calculate the review average of the most relevant campaign applicants in the last 12, 6 and 3 months and recommend what should be done in the best case. These results are generated automatically using algorithms and should only be considered as a guideline. Every customer can seek advice from our support team before or during the campaign to get the best out of it for his or her own business or for the clients’.

The product testers on AmzStars have generated reviews for various customers and target groups, whether on marketplaces or other social media channels. In principle, all domains that require evaluations are possible.

We have several years of experience regarding online reviews and have generated over 250,000 reviews for well over 4000 companies through thousands of campaigns. We rely on our experience and therefore know what really matters. On AmzStars ratings and reviews are generated exclusively by real people – there are no bots or fake accounts hidden behind the product tester profiles.

Tester Status

Our algorithm calculates the tester status using two factors, among others: The average of the star ratings that the tester received from sellers for his product ratings and the average of the star ratings that the tester awarded for tested products within and outside the platform. Both factors are taken into account to calculate the tester status. These two values are retrieved daily by our system.

The more helpful the product review of the tester is for sellers and potential new customers, the better it will be evaluated by the respective seller. Sellers can assign product tester reviews ratings from 0 (= not helpful at all) to 5 stars (= very helpful). Product testers with a tester rating of 4 to 5 stars write detailed and helpful ratings and are considered particularly reliable.

Product Tester Profiles

As soon as a campaign has received applicants, the seller has the opportunity to select the best product testers from the applicant pool. By clicking on the respective tester profiles, the seller gains insight into their review history and even take a look at their past product reviews. Here he sees the tester status as well as the platform internal rank of the tester.

Point Score

The platform internal rank of the tester is significantly determined by the tester’s point score. The points are awarded to the tester for deal surcharges, internal and external evaluations, and for the following:

  • Order ID deposit: +5 pts.
  • Received seller rating – 5 stars : +15 pts.
  • Received seller rating – 4 stars : +5 pts.

Points are deducted for the following:

  • Received seller rating – 3 stars : -5 pts.
  • Received seller rating – 1 to 2 stars : -20 pts.

Amazon Reviews

In addition, you can also see how many deals the tester has received in total via AmzStars and how many reviews he has already submitted. The seller also has the opportunity to view past Amazon product reviews of the tester. This allows the seller to get an idea of the tester’s evaluation quality.

If you wish to take a look into the tester’s Amazon profile, you can do so by clicking on the corresponding button. The tester profile also indicates whether the corresponding tester has already purchased a product from the seller.

If the individual assessment of the applicants is too time-consuming, the seller can determine in advance, during the creation of the campaign, that the campaign is only played out to the best product testers – the so-called premium product testers.

This depends on the speed of the client (how fast was the application approved, communication with the tester) and on the product or the service itself. A garlic press, for example, can be evaluated faster than a food supplement in which the desired effect is not immediately noticeable.

With thousands of product testers, not all may adhere to the guidelines. AmzStars reacts immediately to negatively rated product testers – there is no second chance according to the product tester agreement.

Ratings are usually deleted based on product testers and are not product-related. This means that in some cases all reviews written by a certain product tester disappear – regardless of whether he has bought and rated the product at the normal price, through cashback or a tester platform. Since product testers do not only buy and rate discounted items, the seller who does not use a product tester platform always has a greater disadvantage than the seller who does review management.

As soon as it is determined that a product tester cannot rate a product in a deals campaign, he is immediately blocked for the respective sections on the platform. Do not forget to comment on each product tester after a campaign. Your rating and comment will help other sellers to determine the testers feedback quality and improve the overall tester quality on the platform.

The product testers usually have ample experience in the field of product testing and write more helpful reviews than the average consumer. On the one hand it is about product and listing optimization and on the other hand about the passing on of important information about the product to potential customers. These kind of reviews are often marked as helpful and are placed at the top of the review section on a listing.

In principle, this is not necessary. The product tester knows what is important and should help the entrepreneur, not harm his business. Product testers with a negative attitude are not able to receive further deal approvals. Should there be discrepancies contrary to expectations, there is always the possibility to interact to sort the matter.

Yes. To keep the received products, they take the time to properly assess and evaluate it.

You can easily upgrade to one of the next package models in the settings.

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